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Wellness Program Overview

Improve your health and avoid additional fees and higher supplemental life contributions by participating in the Dover Wellness Program, powered by Jiff.


To better meet your needs, Dover’s Wellness Program is now powered by a digital, interactive platform called Jiff, part of Castlight Health. Jiff programs let you track and measure progress toward your wellness goals.


You and your enrolled spouse/partner have the opportunity to save up to $900 per person — and avoid higher contributions for supplemental life insurance — by completing 3 steps between April 1 and July 31, 2018:

  1. By July 31, completed both:

Note: You can complete your Assessment and schedule your Screening in Jiff​.

Avoid the​ $300 Non-Participation fee per person

  1. Certify as tobacco-free when you complete the Tobacco Certification in Jiff​ by July 31

Avoid the $300 Tobacco fee per person and/or higher contributions for supplemental life insurance

Note: Higher supplemental life contributions can be avoided only by certifying as tobacco-free.

  1. Meet at least 3 of 4 ​Better Health Indicators when you complete your Personal Health ​Screening*

* Questions about BMI target levels? Call Castlight/Jiff support at 1-800-682-1640.

Avoid the $300 Health Indicator fee per person

Other ways to avoid the Health Indicator and/or Tobacco fee:
If you don’t meet the Better Health Indicators or don’t certify as tobacco-free in your Tobacco Certification, you can still avoid the fee(s) by starting the program(s) below by August 31 and completing them by November 17 in Jiff:

  • To avoid the Health Indicator fee: Activity Tracking program — Log 5,000 steps per day for 60 days by November 17
  • To avoid the Tobacco fee: Tobacco Cessation Telephonic Coaching — Complete all five sessions by November 17

If you need to request special considerations for the Wellness Program based on your medical or other circumstances, or if you have questions about the fees, please contact Castlight/Jiff Support at 1-800-682-1640, M – F:​ 7:00 am 8:00 pm CT. Be sure to call no later than July 31, 2018.

Note: Participation in the Wellness Program is voluntary; however, if either you or your enrolled spouse/partner does not take action by the applicable deadlines, you’ll pay additional fees for 2019 medical coverage and, if applicable, higher contributions for supplemental life insurance. ​


Employees and spouse/partners enrolled in a BCBSIL medical Plan:​

Access Jiff in 1 click from the Benefits tab in Castlight. If you have not already registered for Castlight, register at

Employees not enrolled in a BCBSIL m​edical Plan:

Download the Jiff – Health Benefits App or visit on your desktop and register using the Jiff token: Dover.

Spouse/partners enrolled in supplemental life only:

Invite your spouse/partner to Jiff to complete the Tobacco Certification. Once logged into Jiff, click More in the bottom bar and select My Spouse/+1 or click the link in the Home screen.

This Help Center article explains which mobile devices are compatible with Jiff.

QUESTIONS? Call Castlight/Jiff Support at 1-800-682-1640.


Once you register for Jiff and log in, go to Programs in the Explore menu to see the programs available to you beginning January 1, 2018:

  • Activity Tracking – Walk your way to your daily activity goals. Moving more every day will improve your energy, your focus, your mood and your fitness. Sync your tracker to begin measuring. If you don't have a tracker, you can get a free app from the Jiff Store
  • Nutrition Tracking – Keeping track of your meals helps you notice your habits and make healthier food choices. Become aware of your calorie intake each day
  • Sleep Tracking – Tracking your sleep is the first step in building consistent, rejuvenating sleep habits. Sync your tracker to measure through the night or download a free sleep tracker and enter your sleep manually
  • 7-Minute Workout® Participate in this brief and effective workout. The 7-Minute Workout® helps you make every minute count. Designed with ease, effectiveness and fun in mind, this workout can be done anywhere with confidence that it is safe and beneficial to your health
  • Naturally Slim®Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Naturally Slim® can help! The not-a-diet program will change your life and how you think about food.
  • Telephonic & Digital Wellness Coaching – Work with your coach to improve your health, well-being and work-life balance. Take advantage of online exercises and resources for nutrition, sleep, fitness, stress and lifestyle management
  • Telephonic Tobacco Cessation Coaching – Your tobacco cessation coach will create a personal plan for you depending on your goals and needs

Questions? Contact Castlight/Jiff Support at 1-800-682-1640, M - F: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm CT.


Go to Jiff​
Learn about ​Jiff​​​​​​​


Enrolled in a BCBSIL medical plan?
Access Jiff from the Benefits tab in Castlight (must be registered)​.


Not enrolled in a BCBSIL plan?
Download the Jiff – Health Benefits app or
go to Jiff and register using the Jiff token: Do​ver.​​


The wellness programs, Assessment and T​obacco Certification are completely confidential and managed by an independent third party, Jiff. The Telephonic Health Coaching is managed through Provant, a Jiff partner. The Screenings are managed by HealthFitness. Dover never sees individual results.


If you don’t meet the Better Health Indicator target levels or you don’t certify as tobacco-free, you may still be able to avoid the Health Indicator or Tobacco fee if you qualify under the ​Reasonable Alternative Standards